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The Langkilde Society, Denmark received:


1.july 2008

Dear Langkilde Family,

My mother, Carolyn Christie passed away last saturday 28th June. She was surrounded by her family and went peacefully to be with Jesus in Heaven. We are all very sad, but grateful to God for her life. Her funeral is on Thursday 26th June at her local church, with her whole church family attending and her family and friends. She was an active member of the St Columba Church having been married there 44 years ago, then in the last 8 years doing volunteer work on most committees. She helped in the kitchen with the catering, on the welcoming commitee, the toddlers music group, in the office doing the newsletter. Dad is coping well and is quite in awe of all the caring people who are doing their best to support us. Everyone is making meals and sending them over to us. The whole family is going to our summer house at Pauanui to be together next weekend. Mum loved going down to Pauanui so we will no doubt be sharing stories about her.
I felt my mother was very strong and she faced her illness with faith in Jesus that he would take care of her, and He is.

Best regards.



Suzanne Christie and Steve Broun, Auckland, are getting married on April 17. 2005, in Pakuranga, New Zealand. Suzanne is Poula Langkilde Christie’s grandchild, and she has close ties to Denmark where she stayed with Niels Jørgen Langkilde for a year and developed many friendships here.

From New Zealand and Australia.

Christopher Langkilde and his wife Ingeborg came to New Zealand in 1907 from Christianson in Bogense, Fyn. They had 3 children. Vera, Poula and Kaj. They have all passed away now.
Recent news from Poula's son Poul Christie is he is currently working on the restoration of the `historic' New Zealand Chief post office built in 1920 in Auckland city with his company - Idac Construction. His wife Carolyn Christie is busy publishing the monthly newletter for St Columbas church. Their daughter Suzanne has arrived back in New Zealand from England after visiting Dale and Janelle Langkilde in Arizona, USA and is currently working in a sports gym as a physiotherapist. Their eldest daughter Kim Cunningham is studying Counselling. Their eldest son Graham Christie has had his first child with Sharryn on 24/4/2 - Jason Christie. He had just broken his leg but is OK, and still managing to walk with the plaster. Graham is working on exhibiting interactive educational displays around the world. Poula's daughter - Inge Worn has recently climbed a mountain in central north island - 2000 metres. Her husband Forbes is busy working in St columbas church ( presbertarian church). Their eldest son Timothy Worn has had his second child with Vivienne on 18/8/02 - Samuel Worn. Their first child Annabelle was born on 27/5/00. She loves her fairy costume she got for christmas last year. Inge's youngest son Jamie Worn is working as a multi-media presentation designer for St Columbas Church. Inge's daughter Kate has had her first baby with Rob - Madeline Donley born 9/8/2.
Kaj Langkilde's son - Colin Langkilde married to Margaret have moved to Adelaide, Australia to be with their 5 sons. They have 6 grandchildren. They have purchased a caravan and will be travelling around Australia for the next 12 months.

We wish you well and hope that you have a great meeting. Aunty Inge, Uncle Forbes, Mum, Dad and myself (Suzanne) have great memories from our last reunion in Denmark.
We all had a very special time, thanks.


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