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Minutes of the July 28th general meeting, which took place at the 7th Reunion 2008 at Hotel Imperial in Copenhagen

1. Election of Meeting conductor:

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and pointed at Christian who was elected with plaudits.

2. Election of language for the general meeting:

English was elected.

3. Election of possible translator

Lone was elected with plaudits

4. Election of Keeper of the minutes

Birte took the minutes but was relieved by Flemming who had shown up later.

5. Announcement of entitled voters and valid proxies

Each family with two adults and holding a membership has two votes. There were 17 entitled voters present and nobody voted by proxy.

6. Chairman’s delivery of the Board’s report

Birgitte briefed everyone about the society’s events and activities since the last general meeting, and later referred to the written report in the Langkilde Newsletter No. 29 of June 2008. The family members in attendance, who had not taken out membership, were encouraged to become members with all the advantages such a membership offers.

The Chairman then reported that the coin collection, which

the society inherited from Preben Langkilde, has been sold for approx. 300,000 DKK of which taxes/charges must be paid. In this connection, the Board had set up a distinction,

HONORIS CAUSA, for distribution in the memory of Preben Langkilde. A coin was selected from the collection and framed with an inscription in honour of Preben. Every second year the Society will present this distinction to a person who has done something special for the Langkilde Society. The coin was presented to the gathering.
The Chairman thanked Lena Nylander for arranging the
trip to Sweden and handed her a book. Lone Langkilde

Fundby was thanked for her tireless translation work, with
short deadlines, and the Society also thanked board officers Peter Langkilde, Lise Langkilde, Erling Langkilde and Birte Langkilde for their efforts with the preparations of Reunion 2008 throughout the year. A special thank you went to Hanne who stepped down as treasurer and who has done a lot of work in connection with the Reunion, including comments to the report. Hanne was presented with a vessel, which is a gift from Samoa to the Society. She may keep this vessel until the next general meeting, at which time it will be presented to someone else.

7. Chairman’s report on the Langkilde Society’s Family Foundation

There have been no applications since the last general meeting.

In the coming year the foundation’s board of directors will work on the bylaws. The Chairman was thanked for work well done.

8. Treasurer’s report on the audited financial accounts for 2007

Hanne gave a review on the financial accounts of the Langkilde Society. The accounts show a profit, and according to the financial accounts presented, the assets are 37,373 DKK. There were no further comments on the financial accounts, which were approved.

9. Treasurer’s report on the audited financial accounts for the Langkilde Society’s Family Foundation 2007.

No questions were raised regarding the financial accounts presented for the Family Foundation, and the accounts were approved.

10. The Board’s plans for 2008, including
- Presenting the budget
- Establishing membership prices

- Determining time and place for the next general meeting

Hanne gave a review of the budget for 2008. Please see the key figures below or refer to the actual budget listing.

The question was raised whether payment by participants

for the reunion has been included for 2008, and the answer was no, because remittance is used to pay for expenses around the event. The budget shows the net expenditure.

Because of the reunion, which the board has decided to subsidize, a deficit in the amount of 15,100 DKK is estimated for 2008.

It was proposed that the membership fees should remain unchanged and this was approved.

The domain is very popular and contributes to the Society’s financial situation. Forty people have purchased domain access.

The next issue of the Langkilde Newsletter is in preparation, and the Chairman is calling on both Danish and foreign members of the Society for contributions to the newsletter. This would be instrumental in increasing the family relationships and getting to know each other better. The website is under development, with a special login username and password for members as decided by the

Board, maybe with enhanced work of the country specific pages. Carna and Diane from South Africa are two of the Society’s newest members, and they were given a special welcome to their first reunion. In his capacity as Webmaster, Peter Langkilde encouraged everyone to contribute to the newsletter with material related to Langkilde family events, including names honoured, appointments, as well as births and deaths.

The next Langkilde Society general meeting will take place on Kr. Himmelfartsdag (Ascension Day), May 21, 2009. The city of Fredericia was proposed and accepted. Birgitte is the facilitator with regards to date and location.

On behalf of the American delegation, Tressa Stevens requested that an assessment/schedule be prepared on how to run a reunion. The plan would be to make it easier for countries, which have never held a reunion, to establish requirements and expectations on how to organize the meeting.

In connection with the frequency of a reunion, Hanne proposed four years, as three years is bit too short. It was agreed that in the future the reunion should take place

every 4 or 5 years. 2012 was therefore approved as the next year of the reunion.

It was decided that the 8th Reunion should take place 4 years from today’s date.

Voting must take place according to the bylaws.

A discussion on when and where the next reunion should take place was debated in length, and guiding votes were taken.

The following locations were proposed, cf. number of votes:

American Samoa 12
Samoa 7
South Africa 16
Argentina 15
New Zealand 16
USA (California) 9

Based on the votes around the next meeting place for the 8th reunion, 2 to 3 countries, which are realistic host candidates, must be proposed. More work must be done on this, since relatively few countries were represented at this reunion. The proposed countries were only circulated amongst those members present at this reunion, since those were the members who could vote.

We are talking about proposals that only are feasible if confirmed by the host country in question. Offhand, none of the proposed countries could vouch for the acceptance of the task. The Board will take on this task, and it’s proposed that communications will take place with each of the proposed countries in order to choose the final country. Peter will be the facilitator for this work.

Tressa Stevens of USA proposed that a template should be prepared that would indicate what the expectations are for making a schedule for a reunion with practical matters, etc. It would be kind of a guide for new countries that have not tried to arrange for a reunion before, and these countries would then be able to use the guide and handle the procedures alone with support from the Society. Concern was expressed that if a country only has a few members, it would be difficult to be in charge of the event. It’s important to find the right person in the host country to be the facilitator, and in view of this create a supportive national Langkilde group.

11. Proposals received:

The Board's proposal for changes in the Langkilde Society’s bylaw, no other proposals had been received.
Then changes to the bylaws were discussed. There were no
general comments, but the specific changes below were approved.

Proposal for change to the Society’s name.

The present name is: ”Langkilde Selskabet af 1991” (The Langkilde Society of 1991)”
Proposed new name: ”Langkilde Selskabet” (The Langkilde Society)
It was agreed that this was a good proposal and was accepted.

Proposal for changes in use of language in §3 and §4:

”Purpose of …” changed to “aim of …” No comments on the proposed change, which was accepted.

Proposal to changes in §5, which deals with membership.

Descendants of Rasmus Hansen and others can be submitted for membership. Change to part 2:

Expiration time of voting rights. It is added that members must pay their membership fee, and that members can be excluded from the Society if they

have not paid for two years, after having been notified beforehand. It should read missing payments in two subsequent years, not two years. The proposal was approved.

Change to §6 regarding the yearly meeting.

(1) Notice must be sent out no later than one months before the meeting; the deadline for the various contributions must be received no later than 14 days before. This was approved. Changes to items on the agenda: We propose that the Board can appoint an officer again, when an alternate has stepped in, to replace a board member who has stepped down. The correct word for board member is by the way ”board officer”. The proposal for a new item on the agenda was approved.
(2) Item 15 on the agenda: We propose the following change in the wording:” If no candidate can be found from another country, then a candidate may be chosen from Denmark”. This was approved.

(3) Item 16: from now on only one alternate accountant should be chosen, and not two as before. This was approved.

Change to §7: the Board.

Board officers are elected for two years. We propose
that officers outside Denmark are elected at a reunion and until the next reunion. This was approved.

§8 (new): signing authority rules.

A person (the treasurer or chairman) may sign a transaction under 8,000 DKK. Only by larger amounts are the signatures of both chair and treasurer needed. This was approved.

§10 (new): Liquidation of the Society.

The liquidation of the Society must be confirmed at two consecutive general meetings of which one must

be ordinary and the other extraordinary. One general meeting must take place in Denmark. 2/3 of eligible voters must vote for liquidation, and at least ¼ of the

eligible voters must be present. This was approved.

§ 11: Proposed change in the wording was approved.

A round of applause for a procedure well done, as all

proposals were unanimously approved.

12. Election of up to 5-9 board officers

Birte and Hanne were not candidates, but Hanne wished to leave the Board, which was accepted.

Candidates from the Board: Birgitte Langkilde Jacobsen, Lise Langkilde, Peter Langkilde and Erling Langkilde all from Denmark. All were willing to accept and was elected.

Other candidates to the Board: Elisabeth Langkilde, Lone Langkilde Fundby from Canada and Tressa Stevens from USA were nominated. Tressa was open to the idea that other candidates could step in instead, if necessary. All were elected.

Election of alternate: One alternate must be elected. Kristina L. was nominated and elected.

The wish was also put forward that any Danish text for translation should be given to Lone faster, so the pressure would be less. This was promised.

13. Election of officer for the Langkilde Society's Family Foundation

Lena Nylander of Sweden was nominated as a new officer; she accepted the nomination and was elected.

14. Election of two auditors for the Langkilde Society and for the Langkilde Society's Family Foundation. One should have domicile in Denmark and the other should have
domicile outside Denmark.

Charlotte L. did not want to be reelected. Hanne
Langkilde, Denmark was nominated. Outside Denmark Anne Maria Langkilde of Sweden was nominated. Both were elected.

15. Election of an alternate auditor for the Langkilde Society and for the Langkilde Society's Family Foundation. One should have domicile in Denmark and the other should have domicile outside Denmark.

Kristian Langkilde, with domicile in Denmark, was elected alternate auditor.

16. Distribution of the HONORIS CAUSA distinction (in memory of Preben Langkilde) named HC.

Jørgen V. Langkilde, Birgitte’s grandfather, has been nominated for, and will be awarded the distinction for his great work with the genealogical tree, and he can keep the coin plaquette for two years. Birgitte will hand him the
distinction at his next visit with special greetings from the
participants of the general meeting and Reunion 2008.

17. Other

The participants from USA thanked for the support, also

the financial support for the meeting three years ago in Atlanta, and stated that they had a profit, which they wanted to donate to the Society. The Society thanked them.

The meeting ended with wishes for a successful Reunion 2008.

Chair of the Meeting
Kristian Langkilde

Birgitte Langkilde Jacobsen

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